Bunton’s Summer CD: Disc 1 Track 1

Every so often I make up a mix CD of my favorite songs at the moment; mostly new songs, but with some old songs sprinkled in for flavor. I thought it’d be a neat feature of this new blog to go through, song-by-song, and explain a little about why it appeals to me.

Corinne Bailey Rae The first track is “Put Your Records On” by English musician Corinne Bailey Rae. It’s the first single (at least in the States) off of her first (eponymous) album. As you’ll notice as I go through these tracks, I’ve been going through a bit of a British music phase. It’s mostly been post-punk/pop, but Rae’s music is much more a flavor of blues and soul. This song is the ultimate chill-out; it is a good jumping-off point for a mix CD by inviting the listener to put on some music, sit back, and relax.

I acquired the album through a sort of exchange. A friend was interested in hearing a sampling of Nickel Creek, which is one of my very favorite bands. So we came to an agreement: I bought her NC’s greatest hits album, and she sent me Rae’s. The whole album is delightful. I’ve since passed it on to my mother.

Next time: another British artist that’ll have you all tied up.


2 Responses to Bunton’s Summer CD: Disc 1 Track 1

  1. jwambaugh says:

    Someday a great sociologist will tell us why British rock and pop is so good. It’s a little unnerving…

  2. jwambaugh says:

    Good job Brian — it seems like we are getting a lot of traffic searching for Corinne Bailey Rae. Now if the intersection of britpop fans and science fans is as large as I figure, we’re guaranteed one regular reader.

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