Bunton’s Summer CD: Disc 1 Track 3

Every so often I make up a mix CD of my favorite songs at the moment; mostly new songs, but with some old songs sprinkled in for flavor. I thought it’d be a neat feature of this new blog to go through, song-by-song, and explain a little about why it appeals to me.

MuteMathI first heard about Mute Math when one of my friends became a rabid fan. Then he infected another of my friends. It seems that the band was all they would talk about: when they were coming to town, when the new EP was, how they were the next big thing… it was fairly annoying, actually. But I didn’t actually hear the music until American Idol, of all places. Contestant Chris Sligh (from near my hometown, actually) sang “Typical”. Soon after, their song”Plan B” showed up on iTunes Single of the Week.

Their music brings to mind that annoying description of “genre-bending”. It’s certainly hard to pigeon-hole. There are elements of punk and pop with a little rock lying underneath. This song is pretty rockin’, although the lyrics are hard to understand. But that’s okay, right, John?

Next time: back to Britain with some of music’s most innovative artists.


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