Monkey suits

John and Brian, thanks for setting this up! I’m happy to provide another gaggle of sensibilities for offense. John, maybe you will appreciate this video about “monkeys”. Brian, hopefully you will tell me if I misplaced the period in my third sentence.

The Great Escape Of Gorilla BokitoFunny home videos are a click away


4 Responses to Monkey suits

  1. jwambaugh says:

    Very sad, but also interesting to see another nation’s media craze. I hope he gets his one-way mirrors soon.

  2. brianbunton says:

    Aw, that breaks my heart like lucifers.

  3. jwambaugh says:

    Are those cookies?

  4. bmarts says:

    I would have loved if the guy in the gorilla suit at the end had been taken down by a sniper. Pan to the sniper for an innocent looking shoulder shrug.

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