Reggie Bush would not put up with this, so why should I?

While the other Brian learns how to put links in his posts and then tag them, here is a little story about the incoming class of freshmen for Southern Cal upset at their on-campus accommodations.


5 Responses to Reggie Bush would not put up with this, so why should I?

  1. jwambaugh says:

    I decided against posting the following article on how USC has ten all-American tailbacks on its roster, but now I have an excuse. It seems more than a little ridiculous to me

  2. jwambaugh says:

    And as far as accommodations go, Michigan’s players lived in the same dorms as regular old students. As a freshman and sophomore, we had tons of football players in my 1700 student dorm. Guess what, the rooms were small and un-air conditioned. Then again, USC owned Michigan in the last two Rose Bowls they played…

  3. brianbunton says:

    Emmanuel Moody sounds like the only smart guy there.
    And the difference between AC at Michigan and AC at Southern Cal is that Michigan is in Michigan and Southern Cal is in southern California.

  4. jwambaugh says:

    I’d take balmy, low humidity Southern Cal over 99% humidity Michigan any day.

  5. bmarts says:

    After complaining to administrators … Tyler moved into a better dorm. “It’s a lot more comfortable,” Tyler said. “Everybody is happy now.”

    Everybody except the poor nerd/geek/dork who had to move into Tyler’s old god-forsaken hell hole of a room with no AC. I don’t mind this special treatment for athletes since it never leads to any of them acting like they deserve special treatment outside the law.

    I heard on the radio, but sadly cannot find a print (web) reference, that in an interview shortly after signing a large contract Ron Mexico was asked what he would do with his signing bonus and replied “something with animals.”

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