Bunton’s Summer CD: Disc 1 Track 6

Every so often I make up a mix CD of my favorite songs at the moment; mostly new songs, but with some old songs sprinkled in for flavor. I thought it’d be a neat feature of this new blog to go through, song-by-song, and explain a little about why it appeals to me.

Gym Class HeroesI don’t remember the first time I heard Gym Class Heroes, but I know it was the sixth song on my summer CD, “Cupid’s Chokehold”. The Heroes have managed to the difficult task of being unique in today’s music scene. The four-man hip hop band, fronted by the charismatic Travis McCoy, gets its name from how they met: in high school gym class. They use live instruments in their music, but that doesn’t stop them from doing a sort of “live sampling”. For example, in this song, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy (who will show up later in this list) sings a bit of Supertramp‘s “Breakfast in America” as the hook. The other way that they’re different is the massive amount of reference, self- and otherwise, in their work. Just about every song they do refers to another, and one song (“New Friend Request”) is based on MySpace. Another song, “Taxi Driver”, makes reference to at least 25 other bands. It truly is the music equivalent of Arrested Development—the TV show, not the band. All this adds up to one of the most fun musical acts around these days, and some damn addictive music.

Next time: model, musician, and actor… is there anything he can’t do?


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