Photo finish

In case you missed it, Veronica Campbell of Jamaica won gold in the women’s 100 m final in Osaka with a time of 11.01 s. She narrowly defeated American Lauren Williams, who clocked… 11.01 s. Campbell was declared the winner in a photo finish. The U.S. also claimed third and fourth with times of 11.02 s and 11.05 s.

Women’s 100 m final photo finish


4 Responses to Photo finish

  1. bmarts says:

    Can’t we just say they’re all winners, except for the one at the top doing some kind of ballet?

  2. bpt2 says:

    Yes, I think she called it “Olympic Spirit.”

  3. jwambaugh says:

    Too bad we can’t rate comments as “snark”.

  4. brianbunton says:

    I think we do: bmarts

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