Steely McBeam!

Admittedly I’m stealing this nugget from Dan LeBatard who mentioned it on PTI today. The Pittsburgh Steelers announced a new name for their mascot about a month ago: Steely McBeam. The porn star sounding name was selected from entries sent in by fans. The winning entry came from a fan in Tucson, Arizona.*



3 Responses to Steely McBeam!

  1. jwambaugh says:

    Yeah, I saw that when I was at the gym when it first came out. Frickin’ awesome. Totally looks like Bill Cowher — if he were in the Village People.

  2. brianbunton says:

    Speaking of PTI, they’re both idiots. (Of course I’m talking about their reaction to the email expressing surprise at rushing the field three times after beating FSU.) There are two major points they were ignorant of, or at least seemed to be. First is the fact that they were ordered off the field–both times–by the refs because the officials were reviewing the final play of the game. I think that shows a great deal of maturity of the students. Second, Clemson rushes the field after every home win, no matter who they’re playing. You’ll also notice that they have retractable goal posts. This is because a year or two ago, a person was killed as the mob was tearing down a goal post. So the athletic department, in a bit of genius, decided that after every home win fans were to “Meet at the Paw”, which is the large logo in the center of the field. Many players stay on the field after the game to greet fans. I’ve never done it myself, but I think it’s a fantastic idea.
    This is all not to say the victory wasn’t rush-worthy. I think anytime an unranked team beats a ranked team at home, there’s cause to rush. Add the fact that it’s a Bowden Bowl, and the heinous beatdowns the Criminoles have put on the Tigers over the years, and rushing the field is a no-brainer, regardless of what recent history says.

  3. brianbunton says:

    Further speaking of PTI, I think I’ll start the PTI Prediction Tracker this week. I just need to figure out the best format to do it in.

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