Bengals Stormtrooper

So maybe you already knew of this, but as I watch Monday Night Football (Dinnertime! — sadly, with neither a Brad, nor a Brian) I have just discovered “Bengals Stormtrooper.” I’m not sure if I’m jealous, or filled with relief that at least I’m not him. Either way, behold the bright orange stormtrooper: Bengal Stormtrooper!

He also has a myspace page from “Cincinnati, Alabama”

Incidentally, we had Mary, Jonathan, and a brief visit from Andy, Leslie and Carter at Devine’s tonight.








2 Responses to Bengals Stormtrooper

  1. bmarts says:

    This reminds me of a hilarious song I heard performed in college called “Stormtrooper Commander.” Sadly I cannot find the lyrics to it. The only reference I find on the web is an article on the songwriter with this about the song:

    White said one of the “hysterically funny” songs he remembers hearing was one called “Storm Trooper Commander.”

    “I thought it was the funniest thing ever,” White said. “The entire ‘Star Wars’ movie is included in the song. It’s about what a schlep job being a storm trooper is.”

  2. brianbunton says:

    I thought about sending an email out yesterday advertising Monday Night Football at the Coastal Ale House (which is a real place, right near my apartment). Damn, I miss MNF with y’all.

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