Think Fast!

Nature has just publised a study that will most likely only exacerbate the “culture wars” over the American soul.  Researchers at NYU and UCLA found that,  conservatives are surprise, surprise, more prone to habitual behavior, and correspondingly more likely to be fooled by expectations, than liberals.  In a test where the subject was supposed to tap the keyboard whenever an “M” appeared, but not when there was a “W”, conservatives and liberals responded equally well at recognizing “M”‘s, but on “W”‘s liberals were twice as likely to respond correclty and showed five times more brain activity. 

Reminds me of the study that accidentally found that insecure children were much more likely to grow up to be politically conservative.


One Response to Think Fast!

  1. brianbunton says:

    That’s really rather interesting. I’ve always considered myself a moderate… I’d probably press E the whole time. Have they done a study investigating the width of a person’s bathroom stance?

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