Bunton’s Summer CD: Disc 1 Track 12

Every so often I make up a mix CD of my favorite songs at the moment; mostly new songs, but with some old songs sprinkled in for flavor. I thought it’d be a neat feature of this new blog to go through, song-by-song, and explain a little about why it appeals to me… and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Rufus WainwrightBefore bpt2 left the country for the underworld, he came over to my house to burn his CD collection to his laptop. In return for use of my house and internet, he kindly offered to let me burn any CDs I’d like while he was there. I kindly accepted (shh, don’t tell the RIAA). One of my favorite discs of his that I grabbed was the “Garden State” soundtrack. I’d really liked the film, and was beginning to realize that Zach Braff was beginning to become a significant voice for his (read: my) generation, for better or worse. So it was with great interest that I learned that he had compiled and produced the movie soundtrack. I soon learned that he’d been doing this for his show Scrubs, and while re-watching the series, I noticed some of the same artists showing up there as well.

So it was with great anticipation that I greeted the soundtrack for “The Last Kiss”. I hadn’t seen the movie, or had even particularly wanted to, but the track listing offered more of what I loved about “Garden State”. Some of the artists encored (Coldplay, Cary Brothers, bmarts‘s favorite band Remy Zero), but I gained my first exposure to many new artists as well. This album actually wasn’t my first exposure to Rufus Wainwright, whose track “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Reprise)” on “The Last Kiss” is the twelfth track on my summer CD. He also contributed to the soundtrack for “Moulin Rouge!”, another film I highly enjoyed.

I haven’t sought out any further work by Wainwright, although there’s no particular reason not to. Two side notes: Rufus’s sister Martha appears on the latest album by Snow Patrol, which I bought a few months ago. Also, I finally saw “The Last Kiss” a couple of weeks ago. I was whelmed.

Next time: an American Idol runner-up that’s too cool for both his names.


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