Free Energy!

British scientists claim to have a device that outputs more energy than is input. Alright, Team Lunchtime!, you’re on the case!


6 Responses to Free Energy!

  1. bmarts says:

    Of course it’s crap. Crap in a tube is still crap.

    researchers believe it taps into a previously unrecognised source of energy, stored at a sub-atomic level within the hydrogen atoms in water.

    The water goes in and the water comes out. If it’s still water, then there wasn’t really some kind of energy released from the hydrogen.

    Jim Lyons, of the University of York, independently evaluated the system.

    James Lyons is a Business Development Manager for the University of York’s Enterprise and Innovation Office. He is not a scientist, he is a wool puller (as in over your eyes).

  2. jwambaugh says:

    I don’t think this is a matter of physics, but of chemistry. For instance, C4 (plastique explosives) releases a lot more heat than the electricity put into it by the detonator, but nobody is worried about it violating the laws of physics because there is potential energy in the explosives. In this case, there is “a secret liquid catalyst” that is based on “chrome”(!). What blows my mind is that three million dollars has been spent on this.

  3. bpt2 says:

    Right, you’d want to know how much energy they needed to produce the catalyst.

  4. bmarts says:

    Yes, of course it is not difficult at all to make a device that outputs more energy than you put in if you are allowed a black box as part of your device. I have one of those sitting on my desk, I got it at radio shack — it’s a battery. But that is not how they are selling this device. They are selling a device that magically extracts energy from the hydrogen in water, changing the water in no other way than heating it.

    In reality, if the device works at all, it works as John alludes, by extracting some chemical energy from the unknown substance they are passing the electric current through. Eventually this energy source runs out. And, as Brian alludes, it take energy to produce — more energy, I guarantee, than you got out of running your device.

    As for the $3 million of research spent on this project, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that they just make these numbers up. They want to seem credible to the type of person who will fall for a get rich scheme. The point of this company is to contract out the sales department. You pay them some large amount of money for the right to sell these things in your local area. Then you buy a bunch of these devices from them to sell. I have no idea how they get away with it legally.

  5. bmarts says:

    I do find some humor in the linked article. In the reader comments, there are two very cynical responses lamenting how this power saving devices will be useless because the government will just increase energy taxes and the average Joe won’t save any money. How awful is living in the UK that people are this grumpy over there?

  6. adawes says:

    “Sadly, Mrs Davies died three years ago, so she will be unable to share in the success of her husband’s development of the idea.”

    Yeah… chrome poisoning no doubt.

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