Predicting Movie Tastes

To yet again shamelessly steal from a post on Andrew Gelman’s blog, there is a Netflix Prize that “seeks to substantially improve the accuracy of predictions about how much someone is going to love a movie based on their movie preferences.”  Apparently at least one group is applying clustering approaches similar to those used to study the influence chemicals on genetics to group various tags (such as “action” or “drama”) assigned by Netflix reviewers.  Straight from the Department of Measurement and Information Systems at the University of Technology and Economics in Hungary (via the internet) I present to you the analysis of the Keanu Reeves vehicle Constantine:


Apparently our Hungarian friends have a real soft-spot for old “Whoa,” because they also analyze the Matrix trilogy:


It would seem that becoming more of a “drama”, less “typical for men” and more “dirary style” (!) accounts for the sequels to the Matrix sucking so hard.  I suppose that defining a “three-hour long rave scene” property isn’t very useful for other movies.


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