This Year’s Deep-Fried Atrocity

The PB&J is in the backgroundEvery year a bunch of us make the pilgrimage to the NC State Fair (which this year promised “seriously twisted fun”).  One of the highlights is trying that year’s new deep fried food, which is hopefully on a stick.  We’ve done the classics — Mars bars, Snickers bars, Twinkies and pickles — and each year tried something new — cheeseburger, “Coke”.  With a sufficiently large group, we each account for just a tiny piece, which leaves room for turkey legs, fried bananas and more.  This year we got to try the deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  To my great surprise, this was by far the best deep-fried “food” we’ve had there.  The hot peanut butter was great and the whole thing wasn’t nearly as sickly sweet as some of the other things I’ve tried.


2 Responses to This Year’s Deep-Fried Atrocity

  1. brianbunton says:

    The PB&J was excellent. It would’ve been better with a deep-fried Coke.

  2. […] and John”) got me thinking about a cool story I found on Digg last month.  In the vein of Deep Fried Atrocities, Divine Caroline has Ten Foods You’ll Find, Eat, and Regret at the State Fair.  It’s a […]

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