This Weekend’s Football

Saturday night’s Michigan game was a blast — tied late into the fourth quarter.  Illinois matched each Michigan turnover with several mind-numbingly bad penalties.  All three of Michigan’s glamor offense players were injured for some or all of the game, though fortunately not superstar offensive tackle Jake Long.  Both teams used two quarterbacks.  Ultimately one of the wide receivers tossed the go-ahead touchdown pass.  However, the highlight was that not only did I get to hear a commentor say “now we have a football game” about two-and-a-half hours in, but while discussing how University of South Florida (then #2 in both polls) had lost and Boston College (#3) had not played, a commentator actually said that BC would “slide into the 2 hole”.  Given that Ann mostly watches football for the homo-eroticism, I thought that was absolutely classic.

Another classic that I observed briefly on ESPN was an Auburn kick return during the LSU game.  After receiving, dropping, and recovering the kick, the return man turned his back to the oncoming LSU players and was joined by four teammates, two to either side.  After swapping the ball, all five players ran in different directions.  Unfortunately, I could only find what has to be the world’s worst Youtube video ever to show the play.  Not only is the fumble edited out (Auburn fan?) but the actual yardage gained as a result isn’t shown.  Assuming he got past the 25 yard line, I would think this would become a standard way to return the ball.


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  1. […] to Michigan-related news, “superstar” offensive tackle Jake Long was taken first overall in the 2008 NFL draft by the Miami dolphins […]

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