A Deep-“Seeded” Fear

This is a new one for me, but in Stewie Mandel‘s CNN/Sports Illustrated on-line mailbag (which is like hang-nail that I can’t avoid messing with and really should just clip off — and, incidentally, begins rather annoyingly with spoilers for the fourth season of The Office) a reader wrote in to discuss LSU’s “deep-seeded fear that [Nick Saban’s Alabama] will one day overthrow them in the SEC West.” For a moment I had the “Dear God, have I been misusing it all these years?” thought which gave way to the “well, I guess you could plant a seed deep into the ground and, assuming it didn’t die, it might spring up later on” thought. So of course I checked the fount of all knowledge not worthy of Wikipedia (which contains a lengthy article on the XFL), Google. My fears were redoubled when I found 107,000 hits for “deep-seeded.” However, since one of those hits led me to an entry convincingly arguing for the correctness of “deep-seated” on the Common Errors in English website hosted by Paul Brians in Washington State’s Department of English, I decided a could rest easily. At least until I hit the second Office spoiler two-thirds of the way through the article.


4 Responses to A Deep-“Seeded” Fear

  1. brianbunton says:

    I’m a life-long “seat”er also. I never even thought about using the word “seed” in that way.

  2. bmarts says:

    I can’t pinpoint when, but I also heard “deep-seeded” recently and was surprised, then unsure.

    Picking up your tangent, C. Berger is now a fan of The Office after watching last week’s episode.

  3. bpt2 says:

    On a related note, I recently read the expression “to rip someone to threads.” Makes sense, I guess, but I’ve always said “rip someone to shreds.” Google seems to concur.

    JW, I’ve been meaning to ask you: Is it just me, or has Stewart Mandel become insufferably self-important since he became an AP voter?

  4. jwambaugh says:

    Since he started voting the same time as his book came out, I think it’s hard to sort out the exact cause, but he’s definitely writing as some sort of football pundit now.

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