Pagan Offended by Halloween Display

Scarecrows in a Halloween display in Pierson, Florida are stirring up trouble. Two dummies that are suspended from t-shaped wooden structures greatly offend resident Robert Pagan. “It looks like the body of Christ after six hours of suffering,” he said Wednesday. “This is a deliberate insult to people of the Christian faith.” Considering that nothing else in the display establishes an anti-Christian motif (except maybe for the scarecrow riding a snake), it seems to me that if my last name were “pagan” I’d be more careful about claiming things were an affront to Christianity…

On a related note, Rev. Leonard Patrick Heuer, former pastor of a nearby Baptist church thought the display was fine but was saddened that people “don’t understand that (Halloween) is Satan’s holiday. I don’t think many kids know this.” Apparently Rev. Heuer wouldn’t do very well on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, given that All Saint’s Day is a Christian holiday and Halloween is, though formerly the Gaelic holiday Samhain, now much better known as All-hallow-eve. Not having the Rev.’s benefit of a degree in theology, I had to pull up good ol’ Wikipedia to learn that not only was All Saint’s Day intentionally moved from May 13 to occur on (and eventually the day after) Halloween, but that the May 13 date had been an appropriation of the Roman Feast of the Lemures, which did not involve eating tasty primates from Madagascar, but did involve trying to drive off ghosts.

If anything, this twice-appropriated pagan festival is far more Christian than Satanic. But why would a reverend know these things?


One Response to Pagan Offended by Halloween Display

  1. brianbunton says:

    One of my favorite baseball names from the past several years: Angel Pagan.

    Unrelated, notice the tag cloud to the right? What does it say about us that the two biggest tags are “snark” and “sports”?

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