Patriots-Colts “Unusual Audio Moment”

The National Football League is denying that the above clip indicates that Indianapolis uses amplifiers to make the crowd louder when their opponents are on offense.  Officials claim that the weird audio effects were not audible in the stadium, but were introduced in the broadcasting.  While conspiracy theorists work feverishly, I am much more amused by this list of possible explanations left as a comment from “Mark G” on the Sports Illustrated blog, The 10 Spot:

  1. Electronic interference from Patriot’s surveilance equipment
  2. Background noise from Peyton Manning commercials playing on TVs in concession stand walkways
  3. Actually sound of women being impregnated simply through a combination Brady’s boyish good looks and cavalier attitude
  4. Super-sensitive mikes picked up groans from Al Davis’ Oakland hot-tub as he contemplates letting go a “washed up” Randy Moss

Any other ideas? 

Incidentally, through that blog, I have learned of another blog that is perfect for this blogAwful Announcing has been added to the blogroll.


2 Responses to Patriots-Colts “Unusual Audio Moment”

  1. brianbunton says:

    Anybody who thinks it was anything other than the fault of CBS doesn’t know how TV production works.

  2. jwambaugh says:

    I also think that visiting fans would have reported this long ago it it were real.

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