The Evil Overlord Test

I have just taken the The Evil Overlord Test written by veqhturi on OkCupid.  Though I don’t know what “Xenogears” is, I really, really enjoyed the test.  It will take a while, but the author clearly loves his evil overlords…

Incidentally, OkCupid is home to all sorts of awesome tests, including my Magazine Centerfold Test.

My Score: Grahf

55% Evil, 80% Intelligence, 85% Common Sense

Grahf is an entity that primarily consists of the raw emotions of hate, anger, and bitterness. Born from the ashes of the Third Contact, Grahf lives on by posessing the bodies of others, and travels the world seeking people gullible enough to accept his raw power in return for doing his evil bidding. At one point in his long history, Grahf was responsible for the near extinction of almost all life on his world, but he was defeated before accomplishing this task. He later re-surfaced and tried to reclaim his former body, but realizing the situation of things, repented and was merged back in with the original emotions that he originally split from.

Grahf is identified as being moderately evil, due to his repentance in the end. He also possesses high intelligence and great amounts of common sense due to his ability to locate and coerce people of power into doing his bidding.


The absence of wrath is an impediment to utilizing your true strength.

Source of Overlord: Xenogears


2 Responses to The Evil Overlord Test

  1. brianbunton says:

    This was a most entertaining, but time-consuming, quiz. The guy that wrote it HAS to be a DM. For the record, I got Zorg from “The Fifth Element”.

    60% Evil, 60% Intelligence, 55% Common Sense

    Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg — Zorg for short — is the President and CEO of Zorg Industries, a large, mammoth corporate empire that specializes in firearms, spacecraft, and employs most of New York City’s cab drivers. Zorg himself is a shrewd and ruthless businessman. He knows what he wants, and usually knows how to get it. He is also not afraid to get his own hands dirty to get a job done when his henchmen fail to do it properly the first time.

    Zorg has a moderate rating in all three categories as he is generally regarded as one of the more successful of Evil Overlords (for a human, at least), although his end was brought about by the very people he betrayed.


    Tell you what I do like though. A killer. A dyed in the wool killer! Cold-blooded, clean, methodical and thorough. Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF-1, would have immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun.

    Source of Overlord: Fifth Element

  2. mfkidd says:

    I got Grahf too, (only I just tried to spell it “Graph”). That was a fun quiz. I was vicariously evil on some of the questions which is why my percentages were more like: 65% Evil, 90% Intelligence, 95% Common Sense.

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