You Can Take Duke Chapel and Stick It…

I don’t happen to feel any animousity toward the Duke Chapel, but certain higher powers in the Duke physics department seem to.

Since my failed attempt at creating a poster for the Duke physics department came up today, it is a happy coincidence that I was sitting on an image that my office mate (yet another William and Maryer) had showed me this yesterday, waiting for an opportunity to work it into the blog.  I was “disqualified” for having featured the Duke Chapel in my poster, so it is my pleasure to present the logo of the Asian Studies Institute in the Center for Philosophy and Social Sciences at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil (link in Portuguese).   Unfortunately, the Institute’s homepage is currently “pagina em construcao” for unspecified reasons.

I’m not actually all that bitter about my disqualification since I not only enjoy mucking around with making things like posters, but I am also not nearly as talented as the post-doc who won.  I swear he could cough on a piece of paper and end up with something more artistic than I could dream up, which is not to say that he doesn’t also put plenty of effort into his design work, resulting in us mere mortals being completely outclassed.

 At any rate, this logo is awesome…


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