Clemson 44, Wake Forest 10

AP Photo / Patrick Collard


5 Responses to Clemson 44, Wake Forest 10

  1. jwambaugh says:

    One more win and Clemson’s in the ACC championship game. You might finally get to use those bowl tickets.

  2. bmarts says:

    I’ll abuse this college football post to grind my axe against the BCS/polls system. Mitch Albom made a good point this morning on “The Sports Reporters” (which is like the special olympics of television news magazine). After Ohio State’s loss this weekend everyone writes them out of the National Championship picture. But why is tOSU’s one loss against Illinois worse than Oregon’s one loss against Cal or LSU’s one loss against Kentucky?

    I get it that tOSU has a weaker out of conference schedule than the other contenders. But this didn’t seem to matter a week ago when they were nearly a consensus number 1.

    The other funny thing to me is pundits like Kirk Herbstreit and Mark May who claim all in one breath that if Oregon, LSU, and Kansas win out, they’ll all be in the National Championship game. I guess they’ll change the Bowl system to the Tetrahedral system and play on a triangular field. (Related note, once when asked who his top 5 teams are, Herbstreit lead with “there are about 8 teams that deserve to be in the top 5”.)

  3. jwambaugh says:

    OSU has no wins against ranked opponents. Personally, I thought that going into this weekend that Oregon should be number one and that Ohio State should be treated more like undefeated Kansas (which was barely in the top five). The problem with the polls is the initial conditions — Ohio State was only ranked higher than everyone else because they’d started high and hadn’t lost. I’ve repeatedly read/heard poll voters say that you “cannot” move a team down in the rankings if they have not lost. I think this is because they do not understand that rankings are an ordering, and not an absolute, problem. I bet that you could get vastly better polls if you allowed voters to assign a “score” to each team using whatever methodology they like, and then normalized and ranked the scores of each voter. In that case if you thought Ohio State was a 1000 at the start of the season and hadn’t yet seen anything to cause you to dock them points, they could still be a 1000, allowing someone to subtract and add from other teams that win and lose big games and end up with, say, 1050 so that you’re not diminishing Ohio State, but you are recognizing that you now have more information about another team.

  4. brianbunton says:

    My favorite was the other week when tOSU was #1 and BC was #2. Kirk was giving his personal top 5, and he put BC “only” at #5 because “they haven’t played anybody yet”. Then he put tOSU at #1 because “we haven’t really seen them challenged”. In other words… “they haven’t played anybody yet”. Same reasoning, different results.

    P.S. My brother and I decided that the profit from the tickets was so large that we’d rather sell our tickets and use the profits to buy cheaper tickets.

  5. Ted says:


    Hats off to you my good man.

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