The Big Game

While switching from granular physics to biological modeling has had many pro’s and con’s, this weekend I am relishing that for the first time since 2001, I will not be traveling to attend the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting during the Michigan-Ohio State game.

Don’t get me wrong, I regret not having new research to present and will really miss the DFD meeting, which is one of my favorites (it’s much smaller than the March Meeting but still quite diverse).  But I haven’t gotten to see the whole game in years, much to Michigan’s detriment.  As can be easily proven with sufficiently adjusted statistics, Michigan performs much better when I am watching, and this year I will get to see more than part of a quarter squeezed in at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport’s sports bar.

Though it is what I will be watching, Michigan-Ohio State is not this post’s eponymous “Big Game.”  (Thank you, Andy.)  Instead I am referring to the Duke Super Bowl airing at  2:30 EST on NBC.  1-9 Duke takes on 1-9 Notre Dame in South Bend, and we actually have a good chance.  Don’t get me wrong, this is the same Duke football team that broke two different losing streaks of more than twenty games in my five years as a graduate student, but Notre Dame is really, really bad and demoralized this year.  Duke’s football team, on the other hand, has an opportunity to make their season, if not their college careers.  The Sagarin ratings even rank us higher.  So let’s hope that at game’s end that whatever Duke fans are on hand in South Bend will be singing the whatever it is out fight song is called and chanting “Go to Hell, Carolina, got to Hell…”

Incidentally, has a cool rundown of the ten best games in the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry since 1950 (I was at #7 & #4!)


5 Responses to The Big Game

  1. brianbunton says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t really get into watching sports if I don’t know much about the teams. Unless I have something invested, like a Clemson or Braves game, I can’t really watch the whole thing on TV. I even get bored fairly quickly watching the average NFL game, although fantasy football has helped me tremendously in that area. So now that I’m no longer at Duke, could I really watch three hours of (bad) football? And even though I like Michigan because John is my friend, I don’t think I could watch a whole game.
    But Saturday night, I’ll be glued to the tube. Expect a blog post in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

  2. bmarts says:

    Kornheiser and LeBatard will be rooting for Duke, only because, according to them, it will be the greatest loss in Notre Dame history.

  3. jwambaugh says:

    I notice that you’re now somewhat animated, Brad. Now Tighe needs a cartoon identity. I think he should just steal Bunton’s logo but make the hair red. He’d end up looking like Hank Scorpio!

  4. bpt2 says:

    Well, how’s this ’til I find something better?

  5. jwambaugh says:

    Nice, Brian.

    28-7 was not so nice. I guess 14-3 was better. Maybe.

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