I Dream of Martha

It’s Monday night, and a young man’s thoughts turn to football, chicken nachos, cheap-but-good beer, honey barbecue chicken sandwiches, free desserts on fake birthdays, and a chance to win a thousand bucks. And Martha, of course.

You can’t go home again.


4 Responses to I Dream of Martha

  1. bmarts says:

    Am I an ass if I say that I never understood why there was such a big deal about Martha? Maybe I am just not a people person.

  2. brianbunton says:

    Probably because you didn’t attend as often as the rest of us. And I wouldn’t say you aren’t a “people person”, but maybe not as much of one as John and I are.

  3. jwambaugh says:

    Since we predominantly wanted appetizers and beer, there were many places, like Charlie’s, that treated us like crap. When we finally happened accross Carolina Ale House (we had to wait for South Square to be demolished and it to be built) Martha was very refreshing. She always made us feel welcome (especially when she snuck us in for prime seating for Duke-UNC games) and seemed to take a general interest in how we were doing. Once Ann and I lived near there, we’d go the Ale House by ourselves when it was quieter and we ended up having much more time to talk with her. Basically, we became friends.

    So it wasn’t just that we thought she was a super waitress or something (though she never forgot a name once someone had been ID’d, even if it was months since they last came). We were just friends with her and she took great care of us (both service-wise and deal-wise).

  4. […] crew. Dr. Tighe and Tina were in town and we managed to make it to the Ale House, though with no Martha and Dr. Bunton busy dealing with fires in Conway, some of the old magic was […]

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