Free Rice Vocabulary Test

I don’t know how you planned to spend the next several minutes, but it turns out that you will be trying the vocabulary test at Free Rice instead (note that it is not a test of your rice vocabulary). The test quickly gets difficult since it adjusts until you find a challenging level out of the 50 available. Though they claim anything above 48 is rare, I felt pretty happy when I stabilized at 38 after 40 correct answers (they thankfully don’t track wrong answers).

The cool thing is that the advertiser dollars are sufficient that, for each word you get correctly, they can donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Their graphics, at the least, seem to indicate that 100 grains of rice is a bowl’s worth.

So try it out, play a couple of rounds and donate a few bowls of food…


2 Responses to Free Rice Vocabulary Test

  1. bpt2 says:

    This site is a really great idea. I have a couple German friends who’ve set it as their browsers’ start-up page. They get vocab practice and direct some resources to a good cause each time they go on the Web.

  2. Guillo Shapiro says:

    This looks great.

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