Elvis Stormtrooper

So #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia both lost yesterday, making the selection of the two teams who get to play for the BCS national championship uncertain at best.  In the moments before BCS chaos comes to a crescendo, I think it’s time we take a break and think back to simpler times before we had twelve top five teams lose to unranked teams in a single season.  I give you, the King of all stormtroopers:

I know I can’t do any more of these without adding a “stormtrooper” tag, which is a path I don’t want to go down, but Elvis Trooper really makes me happy.

The vast multitude of pictures of Elvis Trooper at comic conventions with girls dressed so sluttily that The Onion, at least, would have you believe they are only there for the self-esteem boost, is a bit depressing in it’s monotony.  Still, I’d probably get my picture taken with Elvis Stormtrooper myself, and I wouldn’t blame him for only keeping the ones with scantily-clad women. At least not much…

And yes, there’s a picture of Elvis  Trooper with his dick in a box


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