Chick-Fil-A Bowl president Gary Stokan: “We couldn’t find a better matchup between two teams so similar. Both have coaches named Tommy, both are Tigers, both are 5-3, both are second in their division, both are coming off big wins over their rival.”


5 Responses to EAT MOR CHIKIN

  1. brianbunton says:

    Yes, we have 20 tickets. As I was afraid of, my family decided to sell them on the open market and buy cheaper tickets for ourselves. Ah, the power of the mighty dollar.
    Related: our 4 Orange Bowl tickets and 20 Gator Bowl tickets are currently on eBay; the auctions end tomorrow (Tuesday 12/4/07) evening. I’ve been consoling myself by looking at national championship tickets, currently going for 10x face value. (We’ll have national championship tickets next year.)

  2. jwambaugh says:

    As long as you get to the game that will be totally awesome, and even if you don’t it’s still very awesome since I would expect mega bucks with the two teams being so close.

  3. bmarts says:

    Ok, I won’t write my congressman about a playoff system until after next year’s championship…

  4. jwambaugh says:

    This story on how the teams were selected for the Chick-fil-A Bowl (when did the “Peach” disappear completely?) is pretty interesting.

  5. brianbunton says:

    Great article, John. Thanks.
    We’re almost done selling tickets. There are a few still up on eBay right now. It looks to be another year of about 20% profit.

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