Almost Done

I gave my last exam today, and I’ve just begun grading it. I plan to give a write-up of my experiences after a full semester on the job (and would be interested to read one from Brad if he were so inclined), and I plan to finish out the Summer Mix CD series before winter sets in. But until then, two things:

As you may know, xkcd is my favorite webcomic, and today’s reminds me of you guys very strongly.

And there’s this funny response to an exam question. Q: State the Third Law of Thermodynamics. A: No heat engine must exceed the efficiency of Chuck Norris (η = ∞).

More later.


2 Responses to Almost Done

  1. bmarts says:

    Speaking of Chuck Norris, Tony Kornheiser played Chuck on role play today. For those of you that inexcusably pissed PTI, here are the hilarious Chuckisms from Tony:

    “I didn’t fax anything, I scared the letters into faxing themselves.”

    “There’s no such thing as evolution, just a list of animals that I allow to live.”

    “When the boogie man goes to sleep at night, he looks under the bed for me, Chuck Norris.”

    “When I do push ups, I don’t so much as lift myself up as push the earth down.”

    “I don’t wear a watch because I decide what time it is.”

    Mike said Tony got these off “some stupid blog.” Well, now they’re on another stupid blog because I think they’re funny.

  2. bpt2 says:

    I assume physicists are worth less points than mathematicians because physicists are more likely to go outside? Yes? No? Hello?

    Wait, read this first, then answer me.

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