Bunton’s Summer CD: Disc 2 Track 7

Every so often I make up a mix CD of my favorite songs at the moment; mostly new songs, but with some old songs sprinkled in for flavor. I thought it’d be a neat feature of this new blog to go through, song-by-song, and explain a little about why it appeals to me.

I hope you all appreciate how hard it is to find an appropriately-sized image of an artist.The seventh track on the compilation is “Brianstorm” by British band Arctic Monkeys. This song leads off their second album, Favourite Worst Nightmare. Their first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, was wildly heralded in 2006. But perhaps unsurprisingly, they were the subject of a massive backlash. Massive critical acclaim helped the band form a following, but many fans considered them overhyped. Then, Favourite Worst Nightmare came out, and my feeling is that many people felt the early praise was indeed justified. They still tour, and I’d go see them if they came around.

The song itself is not very flattering to its subject. Apparently it is based on a man that the band met briefly once, and made a game out of wondering what he was really like. But whatever–it’s a song with my name in it!!!

Next time: A trippy song from a trippy group.


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