Six Degrees of Steroids Nation

Steroids NetworkBecause I don’t want my RSS feed to be all “Bunton’s Summer CD” stories, especially now that it’s winter, I thought I’d link to a very cool idea that happens to fit in very well with our interests. Those clever kids over at Slate have taken the recent Mitchell Report, the investigation Major League Baseball commissioned to investigate the use of steroids among its players, and graphically represented the network of connections here.

Obviously, the most provocative segment of the graph is at the 1:00 position, with names like Clemens and Pettitte. These were linked through Braves hero (but personal pariah) David Justice during his time with the Yankees in 2000-2001. But perhaps even more remarkable is the large list of average players. For example, former top prospect Nook Logan is listed, but his potential was never realized, despite the apparent use of performance-enhancing drugs.

It is also quite important to note that this view, meaning the Mitchell Report, is from a singular perspective. Kirk Radomski, the report’s original source, was based in New York, and had very specific connections to Baltimore and Los Angeles. Obviously, if the source had been based in, say, Chicago, the graph would look much, much different. Maybe someday we’ll have enough information to create an SD-6-like network.


One Response to Six Degrees of Steroids Nation

  1. John says:

    If there’s ever been a more Lunchtime appropriate post I haven’t seen it.

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