LSU 38, OSU 24 — It Could Be Worse

g7c09f32.jpgI had pretty much managed to avoid commenting on bowl season, whether it was Michigan saving face or Ohio State again falling on their’s in the national championship game. However, I find the controversy around a picture and caption (image at the right) that appeared on the sports page of Ohio State’s student newspaper to be sadly amusing. Apparently, by merely pointing out that the response of fans, certain sports writers, and the president of the University of Georgia, are perhaps disproportionate to a two touchdown loss, The Lantern crossed a line. Their poor editor has a reasonable response, but it’s clear from the comments that comparing things is still too much for some people. If they the statement “It could be worse” was in anyway false, maybe I could see everyone’s point. But for people to get worked up over trying to maintain perspective, albeit sardonically, I think is just sad.

I am somehow reminded of the trouble I got into making sentences for our spelling words in the third grade. Given the word “wouldn’t,” I chose “I wouldn’t strip off my clothes, run through the halls, and do a dance on the principal’s desk.” Apparently this required a meeting with my parents. The really sad part was that a few weeks later my parents were called in because my sentences lacked effort.


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