The Many Looks of the Imperial Stormtrooper

Two in the picture, yet one in the package?So now we’re really in trouble — a third posting on stormtroopers. It would seem to require a tag, but I’m going to hold off for now so that the many cool readers I assume we have (site visit statistics be damned) don’t think we’re uncool. At least until they read the posts.

At any rate, I present Foot soldiers clad in Empire chic from IGN. Given certain Brians fascination with athletic couture (enabled, no doubt, by the Helmet Project and its awesome catalog of historic helmets) I figured there just might be some interest here, even if most of the interesting “facts” were cobbled together in the last few years for the Star Wars prequels. Does it seem to anyone else that they were more concerned with bludgeoning the audience with familiarity than with continuity or entertainment?

However, I’m happy to report that at least one childhood wrong has been avenged. Action figures were expensive (though not the $100 collectors items they became as my mom has always promised) and so most kids had what I considered to be absurd ratios of Skywalkers to Stormtroopers. Since there were X-Wing Lukes, Jedi Knight Lukes, and even Stormtrooper Lukes among others, this ratio was often much greater than 1! I always found this unacceptable, as I wanted my battles to look more like, well, Star Wars. Ultimately I ended up getting stormtroopers from garage sales until I had myself a decent army of them to all collectively miss Luke, Han, and Leia and then meet grisly deaths.

Today’s kids have it easy. As I was shopping for Christmas tree lights in the run-up to the holidays, I somehow wandered past the display of Star Wars action figures in Target and saw to my great joy that they now sell Star Wars battle packs, with ratio of stormtroopers to heroes as high or higher than 1:1…

They also sell the dubiously enjoyable Star Wars Death Star Briefing Action Figures set, presumably for the kids who couldn’t get enough idiotic political machinations by watching the prequels. This has to be the first time “briefing” and “action” were ever used together to describe a toy.


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