Hard to Resist…

No, not Riley Skinner, but rather I have had trouble resisting posting about this Forbe’s piece ranking college “champion factories.”  While I don’t think that anyone wants their alma mater to be considered a factory of any sort, since they decided to rank Michigan number one I simply can’t resist.

Michigan comes in #1 overall, but Miami is #1 in football. Not surprisingly, dear old Duke is #1 in basketball.  My guess is that the list’s inclusion of ice hockey greatly helped Michigan and its exclusion of baseball hurt (though Michigan allegedly had some Major Leaguers).


One Response to Hard to Resist…

  1. brianbunton says:

    I’m not surprised at California schools’ dominance of the baseball rankings, but I am surprised that UMiami didn’t make the list. I’d prefer they do the rankings based on players at all phases of baseball, though they could argue that skews to much to the very recent past.

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