The Rivarly!

Tonight the talented and handsome Duke Blue Devils take on the thuggish and not-good-looking Tar Heels from the school down the road. ESPN is hyping the game even more than usual for the #2 vs. #3 matchup. Though historically these teams haven’t needed top rankings to play amazing games against each other, I got to wondering how often they have faced off with such lofty admirations from the press.

In the last 30 years, Duke-UNC have played 30 games with both teams in the AP top 10, 9 with both teams in the top 5, and 4 with higher rankings than today (twice 1 vs. 3 and twice 1 vs. 2). Anyone who has taken part in attending these games can attest to the fact that you might as well throw the rankings out, but it’s remarkable how often this rivalry game has also been a big part of the national picture.

This is the only game I ever painted any part of myself for. I’m sure my fellow bloggers have similar fond memories.

Blue Beard

8 Responses to The Rivarly!

  1. jwambaugh says:

    I’m shaking my fist in the general direction of Chapel Hill for you…

  2. brianbunton says:

    Yay! Go Duke! (We were #2? I had no idea. I… don’t keep up with b-ball much anymore. Is Clemson still ranked?)

  3. bmarts says:

    Clemson is unranked, but received votes in the AP poll (the would be 36th). According to Jeff Sagarin, Clemson is the 28th best team.

    #1 Memphis is somewhat likely to come out of Conference USA undefeated. Their toughest test will be out of conference against #7 Tennessee on Feb. 23rd. The ACC is tangentially to blame for Memphis’s easy schedule. In 2005 Cincinnati, Louisville, and Marquette all left C-USA for the Big East.

  4. bpt2 says:

    If you count past 25, Clemson is 36th. They’re 4-3 in the ACC and playing last place Virginia tonight. Should they win, they will be tied with Maryland for third in the conference. Duke and UNC are locks for the tourney, while the Tigers and Terps are likely in very good shape. In the back half of their ACC schedule, Clemson should probably be favored in six games, the other two being @UNC and @Maryland. A road win in either of those would look pretty good.

  5. brianbunton says:

    Yeah, let’s go ahead and write down the UNC game as a loss. They don’t have a very good history at the Dean Dome.

  6. bpt2 says:

    The game there is in two days. If the Heels’ PG Lawson is not back or is ineffective, Clemson may have a puncher’s chance.

    On the other hand, Ol’ Roy may have them worked up and looking to put a hurt on someone.

  7. brianbunton says:

    Today, on Pardon the Interruption, a favorite of the Erstwhile Carverites, a caller to the show asked if Clemson could beat UNC. The response from the hosts was one of the most emphatic noes I’ve ever heard. If Clemson does somehow pull the upset, I hope they’ll be willing to eat massive amounts of humble pie.

  8. bpt2 says:

    Ended in double-OT, sounds like it was a great game. 53 straight for UNC, a new NCAA record.

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