Michigan Beats Ohio State

Believe it or not, Michigan had not beaten Ohio State in football or basketball since Feb. 29, 2004 when they beat the 17-9 Buckeyes by 10 on Monday. Michigan’s record is now 8-17 thanks to three straight wins and it may be that former West Virginia coach John Beilein‘s system is finally beginning to work — 42% of the Wolverines three pointer attempts succeeded, giving them 10 for the game. Until now, Ohio State coach Thad Matta has had a Jim Tressel-like hold over Michigan — this was his first loss to Michigan since taking over in 2004.

And speaking of Michigan coaches lured away from West Virginia, I’m becoming less and less amused at the soap opera that has enveloped football coach Rich Rodriguez. Mark Schlabach has likened it to a messy divorce and I really dislike how it’s undermined my perception, at least, of Michigan’s program.

The real Ohio State-Michigan battle, however, is going on in the mind of top quarterback recruit Terrelle Pryor who, if you haven’t caught this story yet, has been back-and-forth for months on where he will attend and is now considering Penn State after postponing his decision until the end of basketball season.


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  1. […] without the accusations and counter-accusations following coach Rich Rodriguez’s messy break-up with West …, it seems like problems with such a major transition should be expected. and that it’s way […]

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