What is Your Worth?

bedroom toysHot on the heels (so to speak) of Eliot Spitzer’s resignation were the discussions of exactly what $4300 gets you from an “escort.” That was the amount Spitzer allegedly paid for two and a half hours (plus an advance) on one of the at least eight occasions that can be substantiated. Before you think me too bad a person for wondering, I submit for your consideration the article that the Washington Post saw fit to assign two journalists to write: “High-Priced Call Girls’ Lips Are Sealed.” Most interesting in the article was the value placed on the conversational skills and actual abilities as an escort — supposedly on more than 40% of the occasions an escort is hired, no sexual intercourse occurs (probably 40.1%).

Certainly, this all begs the question — what are you worth in bed? This quiz tries to find out, although it has no questions to establish conversationalist credibility.


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