Dry Times Ahead

And so it begins… after what seemed like, for North Carolina, an unusually chilly Spring (and commencement), summer has tipped its hand a few weeks early and we are now looking at at least four days in a row near 100F. Now it is time to start really sweating the drought again. We’re still on water restrictions here (try growing tomato plants when you can only water twice a week!) and according to the University of Nebraska’s handy drought monitor, “abnormally dry” conditions are already rolling over the research Triangle while the mountains are still under extreme drought conditions.

But it could be worse, as Radiohead’s new video for “All I Need” argues. No, it’s not just that the video is from Radiohead that’s the downside (Brian B. and Brad usually would rather have a toothache than listen to them). In fact, I was hoping that Prof. Bunton might find this one a bit more accessible. Of course, part of its accessibility is that it’s not quite as melancholy as some of their songs, a fact more than made up for by the video’s message:


One Response to Dry Times Ahead

  1. jwambaugh says:

    We set some temperature records this weekend:

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