Primary Day in South Carolina

South Carolina Confederate flagTuesday was the non-Presidential primaries for South Carolina. In essence, at least in my parents’ area, it was an election. The main competition for offices in the state are between conservatives and ultra-conservatives. (Spoiler alert: the ultra-conservatives won!) This is in mild contrast to when I posted months ago from the far-eastern part of the state.

Probably the most relevant result to you is that SC Senator Lindsey Graham fended off an outside contender, which nearly guarantees another term in office if he’s not chosen as McCain’s Vice-Presidential choice. It’s odd, though, since Graham is generally considered a more moderate Republican (well, not moderate to you and me, gentle reader, but by my region’s standards). His opponent used such slogans as “vote out the traitor” and “put an end to Graham-nesty”, a jibe at Lindsey’s illegal immigration policy.

Also of note: former Bengals coach Sam Wyche, who is now a coordinator of a local high school team, won his bid to represent his county on the local council. And speaking of councils, my cousin Cindy won re-election to her seat on county council, even though she is a major polarizing figure in local politics. In just the past two weeks (leading up to the primary, go figure), she’s been ruled against by the State Supreme Court, been accused of libel, and been investigated for misappropriation of campaign funds. Her political opponents are among the most ruthless I’ve ever seen.


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