…and sometimes it rains

Just got back from my first visit to the new Nationals baseball stadium and, indeed, my first Nationals game. It felt like a good DC experience. I went with my family, took the Metro, and walked through a mob of ExxonMobil protesters to get to the stadium. (The seventh inning stretch is brought to you by… big oil. They wanted people to boo, and many did.) Playing on the oily theme, the Nats hosted Texas, George W’s former team and the erstwhile Washington Senators version 2.0, in an interleague game. We ate our $4.50 hot dogs and half-watched the game. Dmitri Young ended a rally by overrunning a base (he takes a while to get going and a while to stop, it would seem). And in the eighth, former Durham Bull and Questionable Character Elijah Dukes tied the game with a solo (this one’s for you, Joe) dong. Like good DC non-football sports fans we headed for the Metro as our team headed for extra innings. I listened to the ending at home on the radio; Dukes singled with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 14th to score the winning run.

I have to say it’s a pretty park, although the sight lines from the seats are, sadly, none too sightly. The area around it will improve, I’m sure, at which point it could be quite nice.


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