3D Tomography

For those of you who have always wondered, “How do they make 3D measurements in a chemical system?”, your questions have finally been answered in detail. When the previous postdoc left the group he put together a nice example for us and my boss has decided this was clean enough to share with the world.

The technique is generic to any system where you can take transmission images at many angles around the system. You can read about it detail at the Steinbock group website. There is also a matlab example there (complete with sample data, it does require the function IRADON from the image processing toolbox).  Or you can just look at the pretty pictures.


One Response to 3D Tomography

  1. adawes says:

    mmm Radon transforms… Glad to see the filtered backprojection algorithm is still the gold standard. Incidentally, the same tricks are used to measure quantum states of optical fields by collecting data over a scan of relative phases between 0 and 2pi.

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