Two is a trend

Congrats to John for ending the drought!

I thought I’d share a link that touches on a number of Lunchtime! themes, however inspiring or sad that might be. Namely: sports, lists, Duke, spelling/grammar mistakes, and poor judgment.

On an unrelated note, I recently saw Mulholland Drive for the first time. Let me toss out this conversation starter: WTF?!?

Finally, as one of the few Americans at the institute, I’ve been congratulated on our recent elections more times than I can count. Since I’m sure this is disproportionate to whatever amount of credit I actually deserve (first time voting in a swing state!), let me at least pass along the sentiment.


5 Responses to Two is a trend

  1. brianbunton says:

    Really, you only saw Mulholland Dr for the first time recently? I was sure either John or I force-fed it to you at some point. We watched it twice during the ice storm. Anyway, either of us could offer our takes on what happened; we think we’ve got it down to something that kind of makes sense. Next up: Inland Empire!

  2. bpt2 says:

    I spent several hours reading interpretations on the web, so I’m curious what you guys came up with.

    I’d have to watch it a second time and see how I felt then — obviously your perspective on the first part of the film is changed dramatically after you see the second part. But during the first viewing my patience was definitely tested.

  3. jwambaugh says:

    Though I recognize that something should stand on its own, in the case of Mulholland Dr. I think it’s really important to know that it was intended as a pilot. So I’m willing to disregard many aspects of it as fragments that would’ve been developed in future episodes. My original interpretation after first watching the movie was that a hollywood-wannabe had basically made the proverbial Deal With the Devil to achieve stardom. Her success in hollywood was ephemeral and very David Lynch eerie. Having discussed the movie with people I think that it really does hinge on the masturbation scene (which even someone as weird as David Lynch would know most of his audiences would be riled by). In that case the movie could be not so much a Faustian deal as a fantasy of what could have been by a failed actress.

    On the topic of weird movies that only work if you’re in the mood for them to work, Ann and I saw Southland Tales this weekend and we absolutely loved it. It’s largely carried by the music, and if the music doesn’t do it for you there’s not much hope. Since we liked the music (by Moby, featuring bits of Radiohead and Muse) we loved the movie. In some ways it is extremely similar to Donnie Darko. I worry a bit about the director’s well being.

  4. bpt2 says:

    Your second take jibes with the consensus on the ‘nets. The disorienting bit, at least to me, is that she casts people from here real life into fantasy roles.

    Did you decide what the box symbolizes? (I have my own simple-minded interpretation, but what I read was all over the map with this one.)

  5. jwambaugh says:

    Oh man, I’d forgotten about the box. I haven’t seen the movie since it was in the theaters and would need a refresher. I actually saw it in the Raleighwood, which meant someone came by to offer deserts in the middle of the love scene, which was in some ways a welcome distraction since I was there with my mom.

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