A safety early, lots of field goals, and decent defense set up a first in NFL history tonight: out of 12,838 games played, the match between the Steelers and Chargers is the only one to have ended with a final score of 11-10. The score was 10-8 in the waning seconds, but Jeff Reed kicked a beauty of a field goal that left six seconds on the clock after the ensuing kickoff. San Diego had one chance for a Hail Mary pass or some trickeration. They chose the latter, trying the usual tactic of a series of laterals. One of the passes went awry, however, and the Steelers’ defenseman Troy Polamalu picked up the ball and ran it back for a touchdown, making the score 17-10 with no time left on the clock. The play was reviewed, however, and the touchdown was overturned because LaDainian Tomlinson had made an illegal forward pass instead of a lateral. The game was announced over by a referee with a final score of 11-10. A few minutes ago, however, the NFL stated that the TD should have counted after all. What’s the big deal? Other than history only us stat geeks could love, presumably millions of dollars of sports bets in Las Vegas hinged on the ruling. As someone who’s made one or two (or twenty) sports bets himself in Vegas, I’ll be quite interested to see if anything comes of it.


One Response to 11-10?

  1. jwambaugh says:

    I am reminded of the one time I sold my ticket to a Michigan game while I was a student there. One of my friends really wanted to take his girlfriend, and since he wasn’t going to be able to make the OSU game we worked out a swap. “But wait,” you say, “that isn’t fair!” Indeed you are right, but the OSU game was over Thanksgiving break that year so a lot of the students couldn’t go. Long story short, while my brother Steve and I got to see Tim Biakabutuka punish the Buckeyes, my poor friend got to weather a snow storm and watch Michigan eke out a 5-0 victory. My friend’s a pretty cool guy and talked up the fact that they ended up on the fifty-yard-line by the end of the game, but I’ve always felt a bit guilty.

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