Call it a comeback

Despite having lost to Duke just two weeks ago, Michigan won against Duke in Ann Arbor today.  It was the second time Michigan had beaten the number four team in the country, having usurped UCLA in the 2k Sports Classic to get their first shot at Duke.  In the previous game Michigan had looked like they belonged on the court, but Duke had been clearly better.

I was already happy enough that Michigan had improved from their ice storm days when they hardly even seemed to be playing the same sport.  (Can you believe that it will be six years ago tomorrow that we watched Michigan play in Cameron in the midst of the aftermath of the great North Carolina ice storm of 2002?  I recall Brian shouting “Devils!” every time Ryan cheered “Go Blue!).

These days it seems like Michigan might actually stand a chance of making it to the tournament for the first time since my junior year.  Of course, if they were more consistent then they would have beaten lousy old Maryland this week.  By losing they left the Big Ten at 5-6 in the most recent ACC-Big Ten “challenge.”


One Response to Call it a comeback

  1. Kevin says:

    that was a great game. i thought duke was gonna come through at the end though. i was really impressed with the point guard from Michigan. he made some pretty good plays.

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