Best… Review… Ever…

I’m finally back in town and have speedy internet access again. Had to stop into work today because I received 36 pages of proofs for a paper that just got accepted (post forthcoming) on December 22 with a 48 hour deadline. I decided to let my out-of-office email handle that one for me, but I felt bad enough that I did dash in to iron things out this afternoon even though I’m technically still on leave. Things will likely balance out on Friday (Jan 2).

My parents gave me a sweet black Xbox 360 wireless controller (since an Xbox 360 is essentially a tiny Microsoft PC the peripherals are compatible with Windows desktops) and the game Bioshock. It turns out that you need a wireless receiver to use Xbox wireless stuff with a PC, so as I was browsing reviews on Amazon I came across a review of a battery pack recharger by Dennis Millarker. Clearly Dennis leads a tough life, and I’m really feeling for him this holiday season. I can’t help but wonder if he knows Joe…

Anyhow, all this Xbox 360 talk has got me thinking of the mysterious marching band formation (and free t-shirts) many of us got in on at the Duke-Florida State game back in 2005. The symbols turned out to be roman numerals for 360 in hexadecimal. The score turned out to be FSU 55, Duke 24. Ugh.


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  1. brianbunton says:

    I just found this one.

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