Less is Enough?

Just read a news story about a blogger who is trying to get by eating fresh and healthy food but spend no mare than a dollar a day for thirty days.  The blog is called “Less is Enough” and it appears as if there’s a little bit of wiggle room in terms of several days budget can be spent at once.  Given portion sizes in the U.S. and the inability to buy one egg (or one rib for that matter) I don’t think that’s unreasonable.  The blogger started off with an empty pantry and has so far made it through twenty days.  I don’t think I would have mentioned it, but she includes pictures of her food and some of the meals looks marvelous, including the Idaho Sunrise:

Cheap and tasty looking meal

Cheap and tasty looking meal -- The Idaho Sunrise

Basically it’s a twice-baked potato with an egg on top.  Maybe I’m just hungry (though I had a chili cheese burger prepared by one of the few cooks in the EPA cafeteria who braved yet another snowy day) but it definitely looks filling and cheap as all get out.  Good eats?  I’ll have to find out.

At any rate, I’ve added Less is Enough to the blog roll…


One Response to Less is Enough?

  1. brianbunton says:

    1. Unix taught me that less was more than more.
    2. The thought of “fresh and healthy food” makes me miss the Triangle.
    3. I’d starve… but I guess that’d be half the point, yes?

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