Our Shrinking World

The schools of Duke and Coastal Carolina continue to get closer together. The first overtures were made when I went from graduate school in the Triangle to a job in the Grand Strand. Since, the link has remained strong. John and Ann visited in the spring to speak to my physics seminar classes, and I’ll be venturing back up to Duke very soon to collaborate with my former advisor, both activities I hope will become standing. An extensive interstate system will simplify the route between home cities. But perhaps the most important link between the two happened just this past week: CCU just got its very first Jimmy John’s.

Subs so fast, you'll freak.

Subs so fast, you'll freak.

That’s right, as of Sunday, July 19, I have been able to relive my halcyon days of graduate school, when the Lunchtime crowd would head down to Ninth St. for a couple of bootlegger club sandwiches and Jimmy Chips.  Unfortunately, I don’t live nearby like our colleague Dr. Hidas once did, so probably no free food for me, but it is on my drive home. I’ve already eaten there twice, and have formulated a plan to do a full sweep through the menu on consecutive visits. I also plan to heavily proselytize the Cult of JJ among my colleagues.

Now, if we could just open up a Zaxby’s in Durham, the link would nearly be complete.


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