Most Expensive Whisk(e)y

May 5, 2009

Hit-n-run: I stumbled across the Most Expensive Journal blog, attempting to chronicle the most expensive items available for purchase. One of the recent posts was about whiskey and whisky (a favorite topic ’round these parts). I’m surprised that the most expensive bourbon whiskey isn’t moreso.


Fair Warning

December 21, 2008

wearetheworldWell, the semester is over and I’m home for a couple of weeks of respite with my family. That means I finally have time to pick back up the Bunton’s CDs series. So look out—I hope to make a significant dent before January 4. Just don’t expect anything on Christmas or December 31-January 2 (Gator Bowl).

Grand Unified Weekly

November 19, 2008

Hit-n-run: The brand new Grand Unified Weekly site/blog/podcast. (Is there a difference anymore?) Blogroll’d.

Suspicious Activity in Political Futures Market

September 24, 2008

As those of us who play with the Hollywood Stock Exchange know, futures markets can be a great way of aggregating information.  Nate Silver over at the awesome blog FiveThirtyEight has reported on an interesting pattern in the value of Barack Obama’s presidency win bond.  Someone is periodically shorting massive quantities of that stock while, at the same time, buying massive quantities of Hillary Clinton’s.  The only way that could pay off is if something eliminated Obama from the race…

They Play Football at Duke?

August 5, 2008

A couple of quick-shots as you watch your favorite baseball team fall further and further from contention. (So this is what it feels like, Joe?)

Blog on the Run

August 1, 2008

It’s a brave new world. In the latest update to the iPhone, the ability was given to third parties to develop their own applications for the device. There are several killer apps, like I mentioned in the comments of the Pandora blog entry. Now: writing WordPress posts mobily. Hi from SC state road 8, aka Easley Highway!

Why to root for…

June 11, 2008

The Grand National Championships has a reason to root for every one of the 119 Division 1-A football teams. Thanks to Deadspin for the heads-up.