Mobius Bagel

December 7, 2009

How to cut a bagel into interlocking halves.


No Big Fish Story Here

February 26, 2009
Barreleye Fish

Barreleye Fish

I just got out of our virtual tissues journal club and there was disagreement on whether or not the “Barreleye” fish pictured above was real. I was trying my best to be agnostic on the issues (especially given the CGI-ishness of the image). Turns out that it is real. This deep sea fish has a translucent head so that it can look in all directions in the darkness of the deep sea and snatch food from between the stinging tentacles of other deep sea life. Be sure to check out the movie.   Too cool.

Carolyn can add this one to the list of fish that Ann and I have definitely not eaten.

Also, Duke swept Maryland.

Duke Graduation Redux

May 22, 2008

I’m finally back from my trip around the country. I can share the photos from graduation, although many of them are blurry. I’m more loathe to share the photos from Las Vegas…

Carolina “Classic”

April 26, 2008

There are some things about North Carolina almost everyone knows, such as tobacco, basketball, and NASCAR. Then there are things that you only learn if you live here for a while; e.g. coleslaw is a condiment.

That’s right, any self-respecting North Carolinian restaurant serves a tiny cup of coleslaw on the side with every sandwich (and many other orders) so that you can put it on your sandwich if you care to. It actually works quite well because the cole slaw here is the best I’ve ever had: unlike its Midwestern brethren it contains only a bit of mayonnaise, and unlike the local barbecue it’s light on the vinegar.

Coleslaw features prominently in Carolina-style burgers, which also have chili, chopped onion, and mustard. Even Wendy’s has a fast-food version that is sold regionally. Apparently there is some sort of difference between coleslaw and “slaw,” but either way I find them to be delicious.

Another, more interesting North Carolina “quirk” has to do with how I’ve used quotation marks in these last two sentences. Read the rest of this entry »

Water Water Everywhere

March 13, 2008

NASA EARTH OBSERVATORY / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARYThink about how much water you think is on Earth. If you were to take it all and form it into a sphere, how big do you think it would be? Now do the same with all the air on Earth.

Dan Phiffer has a picture of what that would look like, courtesy of the Science Photo Library.

Music Charts

March 2, 2008

This couldn’t wait until Music Monday.All You Need Is Love

  1. Choose a song.
  2. Find a mathematical way to express the meaning of the song.
  3. Create a chart.

Feeding the meter

January 10, 2008
parking.jpgOn Tuesday a driver in the state of Lower Austria found a novel solution to the ever-pesky problem of parking in a crowded urban area. Believing she’d found the entrance to an underground garage (and, presumably, failing to think to herself ‘hey, that garage wasn’t there yesterday,’ most probably because she doesn’t think in English), the driver promptly entered the facility. That the entrance was in fact to a pedestrian tunnel only became apparent after her car had descended the stairwell. A valet couldn’t have done a better job, and no pedestrians were harmed. After some assistance from the local fire department in extracting her car, the woman was able to continue searching for a parking place.
(Google Language Tools, if you really care.)