Solving Conference Realignment Mathematically

When I read this article at, I immediately thought of this site.

So, how y’all been?


One Response to Solving Conference Realignment Mathematically

  1. jwambaugh says:

    Been listening to sports radio since the tournament. Apparentl Clemson has accomplished it’s one goal (Omaha). Congrats!

    Nebraska is a decent fit for the Big 10. Gonna make for some great football games. Maybe Michigan will be fielding a team by 2012.

    I’m in Boston this week for “Systems Biology of Human Disease”. I’ve never been but it’s two-and-a-half days of single track talks so I’m envisioning Dynamics Days except not on New Year’s Day and somewhere you might actually want to visit.

    Looks like I’m going to hook up with the notorious J.O.E. and catch a game at Fenway. This is the closest I’ve been to Tom Brady in a long time and I am pumped.

    Finally got my CS Masters project accepted (Physica D). I think it was out for review for something like two years. Also got the silo paper accepted in EPJ-E, so I’ve only got one paper left to publish from my 2006 dissertation. If it had been possible really should have stuck around longer after graduating.

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